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A welcome from our president


Hello and welcome to the Oxford University Geography Society! Whether you are a geographer or not, we aim to provide all our members some of the geography spirit that makes our subject so great. From speaker events to social events, from advice for prospective applicants to summer barbecues, we have something for everyone. Please explore our website for more information about events, the committee and contact details, and don't hesitate to send us an email!

- Ben Yuen, GeogSoc President 2020-2021


Want to liven up your term and spice up your time at Oxford? We organise a huge mix of events that include insightful talks, speaker events and career related opportunities. But of course, being the social science that we are, we have plenty of socials! Click on the image above to find our latest termcard!


GeogSoc membership gets you FREE(!) or reduced entry to all of our events, as well as four free drinks at our *famed* Colouring In & Cocktails evenings. What is there not to love? We welcome both geographers and non-geographers alike so go check out our membership page for details of how to join! 

Speaker Events

Thinking of applying for geography at Oxford? Do drop us a message with any questions you have, or alternatively, click on the image above to find our advice for prospective students, as well as our student-written Alternative Prospectus!


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We promise!


Plenty o' events planned!


We'll see you in Michaelmas!



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