Want to know more about geography beyond the classroom? We've compiled some extra resources to help you out! These include:

  • Key points of contact for Geography Society and the Oxford Geography Department

  • Upcoming activities

  • Applicant admissions resources

  • Geography/university related TikTok accounts!

  • Teacher resources

  • Geography twitter accounts

  • Wider reading suggestions from Oxford tutors including, books, magazine, and podcasts


Take a look at the PDF here --> 

statues and colonialism

As part of the Oxford University Geography Club, a series of 7 online sessions fostering interest in geography beyond the UK secondary school curriculum, we are dedicated to sharing extra resources to find out more about areas of geography that interest you. The first session took place on the 23rd November 2022 and was run by Geography Society committee members on statues and colonialism. If you attended the session (or just want to know more!) here are some additional materials:

how to read an academic article



We've also put together an Alternative Prospectus, written and edited by geography students from across the university! Featuring information about student life, careers, and admissions, it gives you a great insight into geography at Oxford. Special thanks to our Access Officers and Presidents for doing a wonderful job!

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